About Morrow


Morrow & Co. is a full-service firm providing a broad range of shareholder services including proxy solicitation, shareholder identification, strategic stock surveillance, corporate governance consultation, and voting projections. Morrow is the advisor of choice for a diversified and global spectrum of clients seeking to reach and influence shareholders.

The bedrock of our expertise comes from our day-to-day interaction with the world’s leading publicly-traded companies. We are practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and a unique ability to leverage our vast experience within each of our service disciplines.


Expertise and Results

Understanding and interpreting information, then advising, and taking swift and appropriate action is our expertise — achieving the results our clients demand is our passion. Mounting shareholder activism and increased scrutiny on boards of directors reflect the growing turbulence in the relationship between issuer and investor. In today’s environment, expertise and a practical level of insight are essential. Knowledge is meaningless without a plan of action and the ability to execute. Staying focused on three elements — interpreting information, creating a strategic plan, and execution that is on target — is how we deliver results.


Wealth of Knowledge

Morrow’s senior management team and their collective insight, knowledge, and instinct are the most valuable resource we offer our clients. Our deep level of understanding of the investment community coupled with a disciplined approach to research, strategic analyses, and execution are at the core of our fully integrated services.

The achievement of results in some of the most challenging of circumstances is why we are a respected leader within the highly specialized discipline of security-holder services. Morrow gets the results that our clients demand.